#coronavirus #COVID19 Coronavirus: Ninewells intensive care patient tests positive for virus in 'non-Covid' part of ICU – The Courier

#coronavirus #COVID19

Ninewells intensive care unit (ICU) staff are self-isolating after a patient tested positive for Covid-19 in the virus-free part of ICU.

The non-Covid-19 intensive care unit remains open to new admissions, an NHS Tayside spokeswoman confirmed.

She said: “Following the identification of a case of Covid-19 in a patient in the non-Covid Intensive Care Unit at Ninewells, a number of staff in the unit have been identified as close contacts and are self-isolating in line with the national guidance.

“The unit continues to care for patients and is open to new admissions.”

Staff at the Dundee hospital were one of the first healthcare teams in Scotland to divide the building into two blocks.

Patients with Covid-19 are treated in one part of the building while those with other conditions are treated in a different section.

According to the latest data, which has not yet been updated this year, fewer than five people are in ICU with Covid-19 in Ninewells.

Three ‘non-covid’ wards in the hospital were closed to new admissions and visitors in October last year after a virus outbreak.

The outbreak included Ward 2 for patients with stomach and intestine conditions, Ward 3 for patients with respiratory issues and Ward 19 for those suffering from severe injury or other orthopaedic trauma.

Visiting in all hospitals in mainland Scotland is currently restricted to essential visits only.

Visiting can continue in specific circumstances, for example to support patients receiving end-of-life care or to support someone with a mental health issue such as dementia.


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