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#coronavirus #COVID19

Professor Kelly on the vaccine roll out and Australia’s position compared to other countries managing COVID-19.

There has been a lot of discussion, as they should be, around the vaccination policy and strategy here in Australia compared to other countries. And I want to reassure as we have been saying for some time now that we’re going through the processes, as we have talked about for some time, in relation to getting vaccination to and that is on target and we are going through all of the processes that need to be done to ensure safety as well as a strong and efficient implementation of that strategy.


So the next steps as we are going through, in fact I met with our newly formed division for vaccination COVID vaccination here in the Department of Health in Canberra today, and they have been working virtually non-stop, all the way through from before Christmas and through Christmas and New Year’s period and now back on deck totally today and focused on what needs to be done in relation to that. 

Similarly our regulator that the pharmaceutical goods administration has continued to have a very close and frequent contact with overseas regulators, some of whom has given emergency use authority for a couple of the vaccines, and another one overnight in India, so we have the finger on the pulse there, we know what is happening in the regulatory space, but just as important, what is happening in terms of the implementation of the vaccination strategies in like-minded countries such as the UK and the US and other of Europe.


The approvals will happen when all the information we need to make those approvals is available, and that will be fast tracked as much as possible but no shortcuts will be made. The safety check has to be there before anyone gets this vaccine in Australia.


Once that approval is done and there will be deliveries from our overseas suppliers, and then from our local suppliers here in Australia, the AstraZeneca vaccine, if and when they gets approval. And so after those supplies are in Australia there will be extra testing done in terms of the absolute final tick for safety. Then we will be starting. So we have said all along that by the end of March we will have a vaccines here in Australia.


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